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Rood Restorations Explained

As time goes by, your roof like most other things will degrade. This means that it won’t look new and will not function as well as it should. Roof restoration is done in order to restore the roof to its former levels of functionality and appearance.

In this process, all of the issues with the roof are addressed and repaired. Additionally, the roof is cleaned thoroughly and repointing/rebedding is also done. Once complete, the roof is painted and coated in sealant. After, the site is thoroughly cleaned to finish the process.

How long would it take for a roof to be fully restored?

It will take between two to three days for a typical roof restoration to be finished if there aren’t any severe issues or setbacks. However, our inspection process is quite thorough which means that we would determine any issues before the work commences.

Additional factors that would affect how long the job takes include ease of access to the site, the size of the roof, roof height etc. The weather can also negatively impact the length of the job as well as availability of required materials.

How would I be able to tell if my roof needs to be restored?

There are multiple reasons why you may decide on doing a roof restoration. Two of the main reasons include fixing the aesthetics of the roof as well as improving functionality. If your roof is leaking or not properly doing its job, then it needs restoration.

Next, you may want to do a restoration if you want to change the roof’s colour as there are lots of new and modern options available. By doing this you would be able to check the status of your roof and properly maintain it.

What if I don’t want to repaint my roof but simply have it repaired?

We do a wide variety of roof restorations and repairs so you don’t need to have anything done that you don’t want. We will assess your roof and provide recommendations but it is entirely your choice what you want to get done.

Do you have all the of required insurances and licenses?

We are completely licensed and insured. Also, all of our roofing employees are professional, thoroughly trained and have a great deal of experience.

What are the signs that show my roofing needs repair?

There are many signs that you can look for to figure out if your roof needs some work. They are as follows:

Mould: A lot of mould would show that there are problems with your roofing.
Water leaks: In the event that you have leaks in your home or puddles, then this is a clear sign that your roof needs repair.
Cracked tiles or broken tiles: These need to be fixed asap.
Discoloration: If you have discoloration on your ceiling, this may be due to a leaking roof. Discoloured walls are also another sign of a leaking roof.

When it comes to the aesthetics of your roof, you may find it simply looks dirty or it may have a lot of mould. This is a sign that you should have a professional examine it.

Lastly, if you haven’t had your roof looked at in a long time, then you should definitely have it checked to ensure it is in good condition and there aren’t any issues.

If you should have any further questions or simply believe now is the time to have your roof inspected, please feel free to contact us today.

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